Programs and Achievements

Children In Crisis supports children and other vulnerable individuals in situations of war, abuse, or economic hardship by providing them with material and emotional support.

Sponsorship program for children without parents and for destitute families, as well as elderly people without any substantial means of support since regular pensions are not being paid.

Support for the Chronically Ill We make sure that patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, heart diseases or kidney ailments have access to the drugs or regular treatments on which they depend.

Orphans We have a Godparenting program through which individuals can sponsor an orphaned child.

Jump Ropes We distribute hundreds of jump ropes to children, to encourage more physical activity and to help them to deal with the stress and trauma of war. more ...


Bicycles We provide families in camps with bicycles, giving them the possibility of finding day jobs, enabling them to carry heavy packages, and making them more independent.

Children's Beds One of our special concerns is to distribute children's beds to refugee families so that children who were displaced will have a bed and thus a space they can call their own. more ...

Eyes In February 1996 we arranged a donation of prosthetic eyes, thus providing both medical and psychological healing to 300 war victims in Tuzla. This enabled the people to get medical help without having to leave the country.

Books and Bread

Wall Mural We organized an effort by the children of Tuzla, Bosnia to create a wall mural memorializing the 72 young people killed by a Serbian shell on May 25, 1995.

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