Who we are

Children In Crisis is a grassroots non-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid and other assistance in impoverished and war torn areas. Children In Crisis was founded in 1980 by Karin DiGia.

Children In Crisis supports children and other vulnerable individuals in situations of war, abuse, or economic hardship by providing them with material and emotional support. We are committed to providing assistance to people in ways that convey respect for each individual. In our work, we seek to create an atmosphere of safety and dignity.

Karin DiGia

Statement of the Founder

Karin DiGia is the founder who provides much of the inspiration and vision behind Children In Crisis. Her work as community activist in New York City and with nationwide campaigns for children in the US has provided her with invaluable skills.

"My work does not consist of miracles or great moments, but of small everyday things, coping with people's everyday needs: a Band-Aid on a wound, a piece of bread for a hungry person, a stamp to send a letter, replacing a broken shoelace, getting a woman in labor to a hospital, money for a bus ticket back to a refugee camp, having broken eyeglasses repaired, translating a letter, listening to heartwrenching stories, reaching out trying to comfort while knowing the line of people in need outside our office is getting longer, far too long, keeping hope alive. Perhaps that is the miracle."

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