Children In Crisis organizes since 1993 help for Bosnia-Herzegowina, especially for the city of Tuzla. We run a fully staffed distribution center in Tuzla from where we give out clothes and food especially to those in refugee camps.

Children In Crisis, Bosnia, was founded on the belief that children are always victims in war - often suffering the trauma of intense personal loss and having to survive in a society that cannot give them the attention they need. Children In Crisis sought to address this problem by setting up a resource center in Tuzla, initially to provide for the exchange of information to help families separated by the war to find each other.

It quickly became apparent there was a great need for financial support to care for the orphaned children and their caretaker families, as well as others, and Children In Crisis set up a sponsorship program.

In addition to providing a basic living allowance for families and orphaned children, Children in Crisis also distributes food, clothing and toys directly to the families. The staff in our office in Tuzla is a needed source of comfort for the many Bosnians whose lives have een shattered by the four-year-long war.

We also have aided the hospital in Tuzla by supplying medicine and equipment for the Orthopedic Unit.

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